What is Film Monitor?

Founded in the spring of 2008, Film Monitor is a independent and non-commercial publication in Houston that celebrates our love for cinema. As a critique of cinema from a progressive and refreshing perspective, our articles and reviews hope to expose Houstonians to lesser-known films and important cinematic topics. Check out our online version at http://www.filmmonitor.org. Email us at film.monitor@gmail.com.

Pick one up at Landmark River Oaks Theatre (second floor), Museum of Fine Arts Houston (box office), Domy Books, Sound Exchange, Catcus Music, Amy’s Ice-Cream, Freed Montrose Public Library, Dry Creek Cafe, Tacos A-Go-Go, Natachee’s, Dirk’s Coffee, Cafe Brasil, Agora and Antidote.

2 responses to “What is Film Monitor?

  1. Hello,

    Since I cannot find a private email, I’m forced to leave a comment.

    Contact me, would you, please?

    Michael S.

  2. Rachel Boyle

    Rice Cinema would like to be added to the distribution route – located in the Rice Media Center building. We have a media table in the front.

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