A new start at a new site

Since I’ve started my job as the English Editor at the Hong Kong Film Archive, I have pretty much stopped writing anything that I was not paid to do. It is a long time coming, but I believe I am ready to return, albeit gradually.

Reviving Film Monitor is not my objective, hence I’m starting a new platform on WordPress. I call it “The Bacon“. I’ll write about films (new and old) that I can find here in Hong Kong or on the Internet. Due to time constraints, the length of my reviews/articles is likely going to be shorter than those I wrote for FM. I’ll try to keep up with my editorial standard since I’m now supposedly a professional.

So please go over to The Bacon (and subscribe, if you can). I won’t have anything catchy or viral for you. But hopefully, what I write will be somewhat thoughtful.

Side note: Joe Ross and I have been talking about a bigger film-criticism project. It just hasn’t taken shape yet. These things take time.

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