Stick it again: Alex Luster of STICK ‘EM UP answers our questions.

A little more than a year ago, Houston’s street art documentary Stick ‘Em Up! premiered at Landmark River Oaks Theatre with the kind of fanfare that is unheard of for a local production. The tickets to the screening hosted by Aurora Picture Show were in such high demand two extra showings were added that very night. We interviewed director Alex Luster shortly afterwards (which you can read here). On the first weekend of May, Luster and his crew will present the film once again at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Meanwhile, a poster show in honor of the film is opening at Domy Books. We asked Luster a few questions ahead of the highly-anticipated screenings:
Film Monitor: It’s been a year since we lasted interviewed you for Stick ‘Em Up! after the sold-out screenings at River Oaks Theatre. What are some of the changes you’ve made on the film?
Alex Luster: Not anything major. We just tightened up some edits, shaved a little time off of some interviews and made the music a little louder.
FM: A lot has changed in a year: Give Up has moved to Austin. Councilman Barry was busted at a gay bar. The street art scene has seen a lot of new faces. What’s new with you?
AL: Well, I havent been busted for anything and I still live in Houston, for starters. I did a little editing on Art Car: The Movie that world premiered at last years Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Tony Reyes and I have been working on getting the Stick ‘Em Up! DVD together to release very soon. I’m preparing to help with some editing on The Astronaut’s Secret,  another great documentary coming out of Houston.
FM:You have been pretty busy promoting the film this past year. What are some of the ups and downs you’ve encountered along the way?
AL:Where do I begin? Well, the festivals havent been very responsive to our film. I think maybe our $10k mini-micro-budget is having a hard time standing out next to $500k+ films. I’m not complaining though. The love and attention we’ve received in Texas is not worth trading for any festival.

FM:I know that having the screenings at the MFAH is very important to you. What is the next step for the Stick ‘Em Up! project?
AL: Get the film out on DVD and online for all to see! By the way, I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to project our hard work onto the big screen at the museum.
FM: What are some new projects coming up from the horizon for you?
AL: I have a few projects in the works but not any that I am willing to discuss just yet. I am really looking forward to providing some editing for Zach Jankovic’s The Astronaut’s Secret.
FM:With films like Stitched and Art Car: The Movie, documentaries have been heating up in Houston lately. What are your thoughts on this emerging trend (or scene)?
AL: I think it’s great! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Houston has some very unique stories and they need to be told.

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