Sneak Peek: The Complete Jean Vigo

Dead at the age of 29, Jean Vigo left the world with only 1 full-length feature (L’Atalante) and three short films, yet his influence on French (and World) Cinema is tremendous. So when Criterion Collection announced the release of his complete work in one 2-discs set, I was more than ecstatic. Criterion’s PR handlers sent me the final product a couple weeks ago (to review for the next issue of Film Monitor), but I haven’t gotten a chance yet to watch it since my time was devoted to Page One: Inside a New Times and other movies that opened (or about to open) in Houston. Here’s a sneak peek of the DVD packaging (designed by Jason Hardy), which is top-notch, even when comparing to their always terrific designs. The booklet inside (always my favorite thing in Criterion’s releases) is printed in four different pastel color papers and I especially love the envelope shape logo. I shall review the actual films soon, but even just by the look of the set, I’d say this is a must-buy. Go find one at a store tomorrow, August 30. (I’ve watched L’Atalante in the past and it was magical; I’m certainly looking forward to the legendary Zero de Conduite.)


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