Skinny Fonts on Smart-looking Posters

I came across two good-looking movie posters on Saturday when I dropped off some new issues of Film Monitor at Landmark River Oaks Theatre. First is Cary Fukunaga’s (Sin Nombre) upcoming interpretation of Jane Eyre, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. It is a minimalist still shot of the eponymous character with Fassbender’s face meshed into the shot. Classy with pastel colors.

The second upcoming film is the Korean horror I Saw The Devil, directed by Kim Ji-woon. The disquieting poster features a man, whose face is obscured by the dark,  holding a hammer in the snow. The image evokes a menacing feeling and the type fits right in. Kudos to the use of the italicized font, which is not very common in movie posters. It adds a little edge to the otherwise neutral typeface. It’s a shame that this poster does not seem to be the main promotional poster for the film, as the only poster I can find on the internet is this one, which manages to be over the top and run of the mill at the same time. But I used my pre-historic cell phone to take a couple pictures of the good one at River Oaks:






A closer look



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2 responses to “Skinny Fonts on Smart-looking Posters

  1. Sir Henry Hiss

    …and here I was thinking Helvetica Neue was played out. The Jane Eyre poster is niiiiice.

  2. You wouldn’t have thought a typeface so associated with Modernism would work in the context of Jane Eyre, yet it does. Testament to Helvetica’s versatility. Of course the fact that it works has got a lot to do with the ‘skinny’ weight.

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